Taxidermy pieces shown here have generally already been sold,
but I can re-create them as commission pieces.

If you would rather the piece in an alternative colour or position,
just state as such in your order. (Subject to availability). 

To place an order just visit the CONTACT page!

Automata created by Mark Mills of Brimstone Studios,
taxidermy by Amanda Sutton of Amanda’s Autopsies.

The shy mouse slowly pops his head up out of the apple, and then quickly vanishes back down inside.


Turn handle both ways to make the ballerina dance (spins around and moves lightly up and down) Music box also installed.


The Catcher watches as the butterfly flies around his head, arms also move up and down as he uses his net.


The Magician waves his wand and lifts up the cup to reveal a dice, and then hides it again. A rotation of 4 different items appear each time the cup is lifted. Head also moves up, down and around. Music box installed.


While Japanese themed Miss Muffet eats from her bowl of rice, a spider hovers over her head from the branches of a Cherry Blossom tree, the spider drops, and frightens poor Miss Muffet, she throws her hands up in shock!

Fortune Teller Zoltar Rat
Turn the handle and watch as the magic crystal ball mysteriously glows, Zoltar looks into the future to tell you your fortune! Zoltar’s head and arms move up and down while gazing into the ball, then, with a ring of a bell, out pops a card predicting your future, there are over 50 different fortunes within the machine. The piece also comes with a bowl glass cover.